Behind the Pepper

Hi, my name is Senna, and I am a Certified Professional Adult who does Adulty Things for a Living.

I currently reside in Pittsburgh, though I’m originally from Delaware. At the time this is written, I am 20 years old, though I have no idea if I’ll remember to update this every year. I am a college drop-out and a full-time employee, a dork loser nerd, a sibling, a child, and a significant other.

Since I get this question a lot, the only reason for “A Banana Pepper” that I can think of is that my friend runs a blog called “Chuck Applesauce” and I wanted a cute food name blog too. For some reason, I thought “A Banana Pepper” was comparable to “Chuck Applesauce.” I don’t even know WHY banana peppers came to mind; I hate banana peppers.

I go through really long spells of bloggers block and then really sudden bursts of writing like 5 posts on one day and queueing them all throughout the week.

Use whatever pronouns you’d like for me, it’s all cheese to me.


What do you think?

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