NaNo Week Two – Mountain Climbing

I’ve never been a real outdoorsy person.

Granted, I’m more outdoorsy than my boyfriend; I like being out in the sunshine on a beautiful day, and I have this itch to get out and do something if the sun is shining and I’ve done nothing but sit on my butt all day. But as far as things like hiking, or camping, or taking extended walks through anywhere, you can usually expect me to be the one waiting by the car with a notebook or my phone.

Suffice to say, I’ve never been a good mountain climber, physically or metaphorically.

Week Two of NaNo is, in fact, a mountain. There is just so much there. And the drive up to the mountain base was just so easy. And in my head, I thought, “oh, cool, a mountain! That’ll be so neat, I bet I’ll be able to climb it this year!” And I sang campy car songs all the way along the road, picturing this happy little mountain in my head.

This is not a happy little mountain. This is a colossal mountain that extends into the clouds. You could convince me that there were ancient gods living on top of it in their version of paradise.

I feel like my plot is going nowhere fast, my characters are boring, and I’m putting in a lot of filler. My boyfriend and I will write side by side sometimes and he’ll look over several times in an hour and tell me “you’re not writing” because I’m busy wasting time on the internet.

It is a struggle.

There’s this one patient who always comes into my office though and asks how my novel going. He is always so enthusiastic about whatever we’re talking about, my writing included. (Before NaNo started, he asked what I was writing, and I told him a blog post. He asked for my blog url there and then, and was super excited to read it. If you’re still keeping up with my blog, sir, hello!) I’m pretty sure my word count could still be only 100 words and he’d be super happy for me, that I got that much done. This morning I was putting off writing anything because I’d forgotten to transfer some of my story from my laptop to my google docs so I could work on it at work, until I saw him on the schedule.

Of all the people I don’t want to let down with this novel, he’s a big one. Because he has every confidence in me that I can get this dumb thing written 100% of the way. Every time, he tells me “just keep going, just keep writing, just keep plugging.”

And so I am. Because more than anything else I’ve ever written, I want people to read this. I want them to read it, and enjoy it, and talk about it excitedly to each other. This particular patient just helps me remember all of this.

And so here I go, scaling this mountain and pretending I’m a mountain goat, determined to climb the mountain that is Week Two.

See you at the top.

Follow my novel progress here, and help me raise money to support NaNoWriMo here!

Just need to keep telling myself this.


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