NaNoWriMo – Week 1

Alternate title: This Chapter is Over 12k Words With No End In Sight Someone Save Me From Myself

Week 1 is probably one of the most interesting weeks of NaNo. Everyone has this Great Wonderful Idea that they’re writing, the word sprint twitter is in full swing, the facebook group is lively as ever, and everyone is happily passing out tea and coffee suggestions.

My placeholder cover. Woo!

This year seems to be the year of Anything Is Possible. I got my (very non-writer) boyfriend to join in on the fun, and he’s writing his own novel. He has an idea that he absolutely loves, and even hopes he can turn into a webcomic of some sort, which would be great. On top of that, this year I’m actually attending events. He and I both went to the midnight kick-off at iHop, met some great people, got stickers, and wrote a good amount. I’ve been to two write-ins since then and met some super awesome people.

I actually am in love with my story and characters, and I can see this story being something that people pick up and read more than anything else I’ve ever written. Any time a patient comes into the office with a book, I can’t help but get giddy thinking¬†maybe someday that’ll be my book. I even have an excerpt on my NaNo page that I am happy with (and I’m never happy with exerts.)

I brought a single chapter with twelve thousand words into this world. Truly, anything is possible.

I’m actually really distressed about this. I’ve always been the kind of person to write abysmally short chapters. As in, a few pages in Microsoft Word short. Scrivener happily reports that in a hardback, my first chapter as it is, right now, is 50 pages long. And I’m still not done with it. This is unprecedented for me, and it worries me, because oh my god this is going to be way too long, no one is ever gonna get through it.

Nonetheless, I have been assured that chapter length is a matter to worry about in December, which has unofficially been dubbed my wrimos everywhere was “National Novel Revision Month.”

The other reason I’m worried is Week Two. The Dreaded Week Two.

Week two is the steepest part of the mountain. Week two is when you know where everything is supposed to go, but you don’t know how to get it there. I always lose just about all motivation during week two. Of course, I’m hoping this year will be different; for one thing, I have no idea how my novel is going to end, which could make things easier, or maybe a whole lot worse.

Either way, I’m pushing through. I’m determined. I have my Big Girl Pants on and I desperately want to finish this novel.

We’ll see just how much of this determination I can hold on to in the coming week.

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