One of the most used words in my life is probably “later.” I’ll write later, I’ll eat later, I’ll get up later, maybe later, you get my drift. It’s been an issue as long as I can remember it, and I congratulate any friends I have that have been able to put up with “I’ll see you another time” because I put off seeing them now.

However, if there is one thing I never, ever, ever procrastinate, it’s video games. Video games I play right here, right now, and often cause procrastination of other things.

Someone has found the chink in my armor.

There’s a site I’ve been introduced to called HabitRPG, which basically turns you into a cute little 8-bit character and rewards you for doing things you need to do or habits you want to break. You gain XP and gold for completing tasks, and lose HP if you don’t complete your dailies or do habits you want to break.

There’s also items to buy, pets, mounts, quests… it basically turns you into an RPG character, and makes it feel like you’re completing quests when you’re really just making sure you eat enough, or are writing a little bit each day, or trying to not bite your nails.

Basically, if you’re really good at not doing things you should do, 10/10 would recommend.



What do you think?

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